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My Computers
I have a few
I have many computers and you can find information about them here.
My computers do not have names, they have ID's, thats why the url for this page is id.

ID Type Model Years in use Notes
98 Server N/A 2017- Web, Media, CCTV, and VPN Server
97 Server N/A N/A Backup Server (planned build)
96 Server N/A N/A VideoGame Server 1 (Planned Build)
95 Server N/A 2017- VideoGame Server 2
45 Desktop Custom PC Build 2017- Main Home Desktop
40 Desktop Apple MacPro 2008 2014-2017
35 2 in 1 Laptop Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 2017- College Laptop
30 Laptop Apple MacBook Air 2012 2015-2017 High School (second half) Laptop
25 Laptop Apple MacBook Pro 2012 N/A
20 Laptop Apple MacBook Pro 2008 2012-2015 High School (First Half) Laptop

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